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Mayoral Minutes

Council offers hand to trader to make sense of State law

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I would like to thank the recent fruit stall issue for highlighting some relevant aspects of the Council regulatory environment. Section 68 (Part F:7) of the Local Government Act makes it quite clear that it is illegal to “use a standing vehicle or any article for the purpose of selling any article in a public place” without the approval of Council. This is State Law and, in this situation, Council has an obligation to act on a complaint and enforce the law.

The good news is I have personally spoken to Dennis Crowley, who will visit Council today to determine where he can trade legally. I look forward to seeing Mr Crowley work with Council to set up and start trading again.

NBN Co. was in Dubbo yesterday delivering a presentation in conjunction with Regional Development Australia. With the official rollout less than a year away, I am keen to see Dubbo prepare for the exciting prospect of an NBN connected city. NBN Co. is well aware of our profound desire to be a leading city in NBN adoption and is working closely with us to help our residents and businesses take full advantage of this technology. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, just 25.3 per cent of Dubbo residents had broadband connected in 2006, but by 2011 that figure had increased to 63.6 per cent. With an unknown number of residents not able to achieve a broadband connection, I look forward to this figure increasing once we have NBN connectivity.

Congratulations to two former Gold Rhino winners in our business community. Dubbo City Toyota, having won the very first Gold Rhino in 1996, has now won a total of 14 Presidential Awards (the most of any dealer in Australia). The President of Toyota Australia visited Dubbo last week to present the dealership with the Australian Dealer of the Year Award – making it the number one dealer of the nation's 240 dealerships. This is the second time it has won the award. In 2010, Rhino Promotions won the Gold Rhino and last week I attended the opening of its new premises - with a floor space four times that of its previous location. The growth of this business has been very impressive. Well done to two of many great Dubbo businesses.

Fifteen students and three teachers visited Dubbo from our Sister City, Wujiang, last week. It was a pleasure to meet this group and thank you to the generous families in Dubbo who hosted the Chinese delegation. As always, the students couldn’t decide if the highlight was the blue sky, the open space, the fresh air, or touching a koala.

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