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Mayoral Column #27

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Congratulations to the Mayor of Bathurst, Greg Westman, who took out the inaugural Mayoral BMX challenge on Saturday. The idea was put to me by Justin Farrell, the President of the local BMX club, as an idea to generate more interest in BMX racing. I hadn’t ridden a BMX bike in more than 30 years but I’m happy to accept almost any challenge and I was pleased to take the second race off Greg before I was well beaten in the third for an eventual score line of 2-1. Well done to Justin for an innovative idea and best of luck to the club with the new upcoming track layout.

It was a busy cycling weekend with Lynton Auld’s team of volunteers being rewarded with the official opening of the Mugga Hill trail on the weekend. This area was home to some anti-social behaviour but it is now an ideal spot for runners, walkers and mountain bikers. The one-hour race that followed was a huge success with Paul Schroder taking out the inaugural event. I was a little muddy after that race as I rode to Macquarie Lions Park to welcome in the riders from Canberra in the Canberra edition of the Zoo2Zoo. From a small event in 2006, Andrew McKay has now grown the event into a Sydney and a Canberra edition. I can see a growing trend here – we might end up with Zoo2Zoo events coming to Dubbo from Zoos all over Australia!

Don’t forget you have less than two weeks to take up the wonderful offer from our Zoo at the moment. Until 26 March, Taronga Western Plains Zoo has a special to celebrate their 35th birthday – only $35 to become a 'Zoo Friend' (instead of the normal $110). This gives you unlimited access for 12 months to both our local Zoo and Taronga Zoo as well as making a contribution to the wonderful work both Zoos do in relation to animal conservation.

Lastly, I spent an enjoyable evening with 76 University of Sydney medical students on Saturday night at Lazy River. Lyndsay Lowe does an excellent job in organising a bus tour to the area to show the students – many of whom have never been to Dubbo – what life is like in the bush. The students have the option to choose to study at the School of Rural Health in Year 3 or Year 4 of their degree and the results from Dubbo so far have been outstanding. As an example, in the Year 3 barrier exam last year, Dubbo provided three of the top five students from the entire Year 3 University of Sydney medical school.

Tell me the next sport that should be chosen for a Mayoral challenge at mayor@dubbo.nsw.gov.au

Clr Mathew Dickerson, Mayor of Dubbo

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