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Mayoral Minutes

Potential boom in business and sports in sight

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It seems to me that the busiest people in Dubbo are our retired residents! I had the pleasure last week of speaking at the monthly meetings of the Men’s Probus Club and the Independent Retirees. In speaking with some of these more experienced members of our community, it struck me that being retired is a full-time job! Many are volunteers for Council or give their time on various committees and organisations. In addition, they have to attend their service club meetings and then occasionally see their grandkids. The life of a retired person in Dubbo certainly seems full and rewarding.

I mentioned last week, as Kmart and JB Hi-Fi were in Dubbo looking at our City, that our new LEP had created a number of opportunities for further business development. On Friday we also had the opportunity to meet with two representatives from ALDI, whose feedback from was similar to that from other major businesses. They are impressed with what Dubbo has to offer and are keen to see their brand represented in Dubbo. ALDI in particular has been keen to see its brand in Dubbo but the distance from Sydney has always been a hurdle. ALDI has been conducting some logistics trials of late and the fact its representatives were in Dubbo looking at potential sites tells me that the trials are going quite well. We spent several hours with the representatives and took them on a tour of various sites in Dubbo, so I believe it will only be a matter of time before they come to a commercial arrangement with a developer and set up in our City. Once again, Council is doing all it can to facilitate their progression into Dubbo.

With the Olympics just finished and our performance a little below what some were expecting (although I think to make it to the Olympics is a wonderful achievement), athletes can now start preparing for Rio in 2016 and some for the 2020 Olympics, with my prediction being that they will be held in Tokyo. The Barden Park steering committee met last night to continue discussions after our road trip two weeks ago. With a $5.325 million world-class athletics facility to be built using $4.75 million of Federal and State grant funding, everyone is committed to ensuring a great outcome. Who knows, we might see someone from Dubbo running around the track at Tokyo in 2020!

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