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Youth positive about future of Dubbo

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I attended a Youth Council Economic Development workshop last week which was attended by mostly Gen Z people. Economic Development Manager Dirk Dowling had the leaders of tomorrow start with a simple SWOT on Dubbo. Without any prompting, this group of Internet Generation individuals started listing out the various strengths. The list seemed to go on and it opened my eyes to some great facets of Dubbo that I hadn’t realised were important to our youth. When it came to the weaknesses and threats, the list seemed surprisingly small. In fact, the strengths to weaknesses ratio for Dubbo was over three to one. I was most impressed with the pride shown in Dubbo and just how positive these individuals were about our City's future.

Thanks to the generous support of three transport companies in Dubbo - there are now three semi-trailers travelling through Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with great messages about Dubbo and encouraging people to visit or move here. About 975,000km will be travelled by these trailers each year exposing the messages to countless individuals on our highways.

I had a conversation with Parkes Shire Council recently, which should have an ALDI within the next 12 months. I was particularly interested to see if there was anything else Dubbo could do to help in the progression of ALDI to our City. I was told that Parkes had been in discussions with ALDI for several years but their distance from Minchinbury is right at the outer limit of their transport logistics model (Parkes is a 636km round trip from Minchinbury) but they are now ready to move ahead. Dubbo is a 736km round trip from Minchinbury and the Parkes rep had heard we were just that little too far. ALDI are continually working on their logistics though so we will stay tuned.

Enjoy a free breakfast whilst inspecting our largest stormwater project this Thursday from 7am to 9am. The fourth inspection of the 10 megalitre underground storage reservoir will take place at Apex Oval. This project is great for the environment and will result in a world-class playing surface, with $4.5 million help from the Australian Government. On Saturday morning, you can collect another free breakfast when the third ‘Community Leaders Breakfast’ is held at the Church Street Rotunda from 8am to 10am. This is a wonderful opportunity to speak with Mark Coulton, Troy Grant, Councillors and Council staff in one location.  

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