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Mayoral Minutes

Helping our community save money and the environment

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dubbo, in tune with the rest of the world, is certainly becoming more aware of our environment. Just in the last week we saw our annual Sustainable City Expo well attended by many residents of Dubbo. The concept of the Expo is to expose various modern methods of being more sustainable to our residents – saving money and saving the environment. The event is growing each year and really demonstrates how conscious our residents are of environmental issues. I also had the pleasure of welcoming hundreds of delegates to an Environmental Education Conference being held at Dubbo College, Senior Campus. This was a chance for various educators and government departments to learn more about methods of educating the broader community in relation to environmental issues. The delegates I spoke to were impressed with the efforts of Dubbo in relation to the environment and were keen to take examples of what we are doing back to their communities. Read More...

Council meetings need public opinion

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great attitude from some of Dubbo's finest residents

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gotta love this City! One of the ills of modern society I sometimes witness is what I call WIRFT? Who Is Responsible For This? How often do you see an issue occur and everyone wants to know who is responsible and everyone wants someone else to fix it. Read More...

A potential farewell ahead of Mayoral election

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

With the annual Mayoral election occurring tomorrow this may well be my last Mayoral column, so I will take the opportunity to briefly thank the public for allowing me the honour of serving this wonderful City. Thank you also to my fellow Councillors who have given me two opportunities to work for them and thank you to the support of all the staff who have accommodated some of my more interesting ideas. My family have also had to contend with a phantom husband and father for much of the past two years and I appreciate their unbridled support. I fully intend to return to the role, but that decision lies in the hands of my fellow Councillors tomorrow night. Read More...

State of the City Report to show how far we've come

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Dubbo 2036 process has been rewarding for all those involved – in particular for the community. To provide a snapshot of how far we've come so far to realise the community's vision for Dubbo, I will deliver the inaugural ‘State of the City’ report on Thursday at 10am at Dubbo City Council's Ground Floor Central Conference Room. I encourage as many people from the community as possible to attend and hear about the history of the Dubbo 2036 process as I deliver the first report card. Read More...

No short-term solution to sustainability equation

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I walked out of the office and went to step in my car a couple of months ago. I noticed the rear driver tyre was a little flat. I thought I should drop into the service station and put some air into it. The pressure was certainly below what I would expect so I put some more air in it. A couple of days later I noticed the same thing – and I again visited a service station. This went on for several weeks before I found the time to visit a tyre business and have the slow leak repaired. Read More...

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