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Figures help show improving communications

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I never quite managed to make a century on the cricket pitch (even in backyard games), but I am happy to say that today I have notched up a century of Mayoral columns. Having done so, I thought you may allow me a degree of self-indulgence. Read More...

Tour de OROC makes Guinness World Record attempt

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The planning for the 1,125km Toyota Tour de OROC is progressing very well with incredible support from businesses in Dubbo and the region. I am very excited to announce an additional component to the fundraising ride. We will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record for ‘Most brands advertising on one single sportswear item’. We are creating a cycling jersey featuring all our sponsors that the Mayors and other riders will wear on the Tour de OROC. If we can secure more than 40 sponsors, we will set the record. We are currently up to 22 sponsors so, if you want to be part of a Guinness World Record, sign up to one of the many sponsorship packages we have available. Read More...

Minister's visit coincides with same week federal election is called

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Minister for Regional Development, The Hon. Sharon Bird, was at Barden Park last week turning the first sod in this exciting project. We received $3.477 million from the Australian Government for this project to add to the $1.25 million that Troy Grant worked hard to secure from the NSW Government. Council added the required $575,000 for the total project cost of $5.302 million that will see an international-standard athletics track and grandstand built at Barden Park. The Western Research Institute estimated that once this project is complete, it will create 40 full-time jobs and contribute $4.5 million in gross regional product. A great example of what can be achieved when all three levels of government work together. As exciting as the day was (especially when combined with the opening of the $1.2 million DRTCC kitchen, which was fully funded by the Australian Government), my excitement turned to extreme disappointment on the weekend with the announcement of a federal election seven days too early for a referendum. There have been two recent High Court cases (Williams and Pape), which academics suggest could lead to a challenge of federal government funding flowing to local government. If that was the case, the $10.366 million that Dubbo City Council received in the 2011/12 financial year, as an example, could possibly be cut off. Consequently, it could lead to increased rates or reduced services. Read More...

Mayors on bikes unique approach hospital accommodation problem

Saturday, August 03, 2013

I love so many facets of our Aussie culture that it is hard to pick just one – but the ability to roll up our sleeves and just get a job done is right near the top of my list. You see this in so many areas and our innovative approaches to problem solving are well known around the world. One example is CSIRO’s $430 million earnings (so far) from their wireless patent with every Wi-Fi device on the planet using this technology. Our Royal Flying Doctor Service is another brilliant example of a unique solution. Our service clubs (Rotary, Lions, Apex etc.) and a huge number of charity organisations see a problem and just get in and solve it. Problems are not solved by complaining about them – problems are solved by solutions.  Read More...

All roads lead to Dubbo with exchange, competition, and cycling

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If you see a few additional Japanese faces in Dubbo this week, give them an extra friendly Dubbo smile and wave. We have 14 visitors here from our Japanese sister-city Minokamo. Thank you to all our host families who really make the exchange special by allowing them to experience the heart and soul of Dubbo for their 10 day stay.
We will have another group of significant visitors on the weekend of 17-18 August. Our City Promotions team have partnered with 2UE, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Sticks and Stones and NSW TrainLink for a unique promotion. Each night, Murray Wilton will play an animal sound and listeners need to write a limerick based on that animal. The best limerick each night wins a family trip to Dubbo with accommodation at the new Billabong Camp. A total of 25 people will come to Dubbo to experience our City and see what we have to offer. I kicked off the competition on Monday night with my limerick about the competition and I look forward to hearing the creative limericks that people write about the Zoo. Have a look at the 2UE Discover Dubbo competition and tell your metro friends about it. Read More...

Council businesses must be run diligently to serve the community

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When Council runs a business (such as the Dubbo City Holiday Park, or Rainbow Cottage Childcare Centre, or Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, or Dubbo City Regional Airport) it has to walk a fine line. As with any business, it is important that the business is profitable. The business needs to not draw any funds from general rates and, hopefully, inject some money back into general rates. This is looking at the business from a purely financial perspective.  Read More...

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