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Mayoral Minutes

Mayoral Column #3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Some city folk think you have to live in a capital city to be able to achieve. I have always had the belief that you can live in Dubbo and have your achievements noticed on a world scale in your chosen area. Location doesn’t inhibit talent and desire. I am sure Ben Houghton and Dave Arnold agree with me. I had the pleasure of having dinner with Ben’s family, teachers and sponsors last Friday night. Ben will be at the ExCeL venue in London from 4 October to compete in the 41st WorldSkills Competition over four days. There will be 150,000 visitors watching 1,000 competitors from 51 countries who will compete in 46 skill areas. Ben is competing in the Electrical Installations category and each country has only one competitor from each category. This is a fine example of a Dubbo man competing against electricians from across Australia and coming out on top. To further emphasise the point, Dave Arnold has had at least one student compete in the international WorldSkills competition every time since 1999. There would be very few TAFE colleges anywhere in Australia that could lay claim to that record. On behalf of all Dubbo residents, I wish Ben well in October. Read More...

Mayoral Column #2

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Visitors to our fine city give a fantastic injection to the local economy. I work on the figure that for every visitor that stays in our city for one night, the local economy is boosted by approximately $200. This is a conservative estimate across a range of expenditure items but when you think that a tourist may eat some food, they may stay in a motel, they may buy some petrol and they may even partake in some retail therapy, it is easy to see this figure is quite conservative. Read More...

Mayoral Column #1

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
The first mayor of Dubbo was James Samuels Junior who was elected on 24 August 1872. Following a fine tradition of previous mayors, it is an incredible honour to be Dubbo’s 38th Mayor. Thank you to the hundreds of Dubbo residents who have congratulated me and wished me all the best for my first term as mayor of this wonderful city. Read More...

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