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Mayoral Column #28

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
It is not every day that you would expect to see Dr. Alan Greenspan in Dubbo but that is exactly what will be happening on Thursday 29 March. Dubbo is one of only seven cities in Australia that will host a live link with Dr. Greenspan as the guest speaker. Dubbo Chamber of Commerce, with support from Council, will host the breakfast.

One of Dr. Greenspan’s discussion areas will be the Chinese economy. I will be particularly interested in that area as I will be leading a self-funded Council delegation to China at the beginning of May, which will include Councillors Richard Mutton, Tina Reynolds and Allan Smith as well as my wife and children. Council policy states that Councillors must pay for any overseas travel themselves it gives you an idea of the commitment that we have to our Sister City, Wujiang, that each individual will be paying their own significant travel costs to China. We have been invited to participate in Wujiang’s 20th anniversary celebrations. I hope to continue to break down cultural barriers and look for opportunities to progress trade between the two countries.

I had an interesting meeting with Virgin Australia last week. You may remember that I recently arranged a meeting with the head of QantasLink to push for direct flights to more ports. I arranged the meeting with Virgin for similar reasons. I wanted to understand where Dubbo was on the Virgin agenda and wanted to ensure Virgin knew that we were ready to help in any way possible in bringing them to Dubbo. Virgin was already well aware of the throughput numbers in Dubbo and our City certainly features on their long-term strategic route map. I found it interesting that one of the major issues for both Virgin and QantasLink was the availability of aircraft. Both airlines have significant numbers of additional aircraft on order and the lead time for new planes is often measured in years not months. I will continue to do all I can to arrange for an airline to fly direct to more ports, but ultimately market forces will dictate flight routes.

Lastly, welcome to the delegates in our City this week attending the annual Australian Local Government Women’s Association conference. 

Tell me if you will be going to see Dr. Greenspan in Dubbo at mayor@dubbo.nsw.gov.au

Clr Mathew Dickerson, Mayor of Dubbo

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